BERDOUES Discovery Set (8 x 2ml)

BERDOUES Discovery Set (8 x 2ml)

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Let yourself be transported through the olfactory interpretations of the different regions of the world that inspired our Collection Grands Crus.

Each Grand Cru offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity, combinig freshness, elegance and refinement.

Discovery Kit Collection Grands Crus 8 x 2ml :
  • Péng Lái, floral fruité
  • Somei Yoshino, floral
  • Assam Of India, hespéridé
  • Selva Do Brazil, aromatique
  • Azur Riviera, aquatique
  • Arz El-Rab, boisé
  • Oud Al Sahraa, oriental
  • Guaria Morada, floral

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