ELEMIS Peptide4 Night Recovery Oil (30ml)

ELEMIS Peptide4 Night Recovery Oil (30ml)

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Product Description: This skin synchronizing night cream-oil helps support the skin's natural renewal processes, leaving skin feeling rebalanced, restored and replenished. Wake up to a healthy looking complexion.

How use it: In the evening, apply one to two pumps into your hands and warm together. Gently smooth and massage over cleansed skin. Formulated for all skin types, Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil is perfect for anyone who wants to revive and nourish dull skin overnight. For best results, use every evening on cleansed, dry skin. Formulated for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: The ELEMIS Peptide 24/7 range is inspired by the body’s miraculous inner clock. Skin follows circadian rhythms, creating waves of activity which trigger cells to perform important processes at specific times of the day. At night, while we sleep, our skin cells are busy with the process of renewal and repair. Disturbed sleep and lifestyle factors can cause a cumulative effect; your skin can become out of sync and unbalanced, its healthy appearance compromised. Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil helps restore a well-rested look to your skin overnight.

This unique cream-oil blends Perilla Seed oil and ELEMIS’ exclusive Night Scented Stock oil, exceptionally rich in omega 3, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Helps skin look and feel moisturized, restored and replenished. ELEMIS’ Peptide4 is a tetra-peptide, made up of four amino acids, that helps to support the skin’s processes, for a revitalised and replenished appearance. Bottom line, it helps you achieve that rested look 24/7.

Size: 50ml