JACK BLACK Classic Military Palm Brush

JACK BLACK Classic Military Palm Brush

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Product Description: This Classic Military Palm Brush smooths and detangles hair while stimulating the scalp. Great for use on both hair and beards, the brush also helps to detangle, smooth, and style hair and beard. The brush is made from FSC certified wood and features Sisal bristles, made from plant-based fibers. A durable cotton strap makes it easy to hold, easy to style.

Key Ingredients:

Brush made from FSC certified wood.
Sisal bristles stimulate the scalp and smooth and detangle hair.
Durable cotton strap delivers ultimate control.

How to use: Gently stroke in the direction of the hair growth to style both hair and beard.

TIP: Use with your favorite Jack Blackb hair styling or beard grooming product for even better results!

Size: Brush Size: 11 x 5.5 x 4 cm