AUTUMN 2023 - OneBOX.

AUTUMN 2023 - OneBOX.

AUTUMN 2023 - OneBOX. - priced at R2250 (value R2899)

Firstly let's talk about why you need an OneBOX. in your life? 

  1. It is a great way to use products that are selected based on seasonal change. 
  2. Samples with every order. 
  3. Free shipping with this order. 
  4. Results driven skincare. 
  5. Your order gets delivered straight to your door… I mean who does not love receiving presents ,or that is what it feels like to me when a parcel arrives that is packaged beautifully and I get to unbox?
  6. Opportunity to save!!! On this OneBOX. specifically you SAVE over 20%

 Secondly which products (all full size) are in this OneBOX.:

1. OPTIPHI Active Range - Facial Cleanser (150ml) Regular price - R 880.00

I adore this product!  It's a wonderful cleansing gel that foams up gently when you add water! I prefer to use this product as my second cleanse and it has fantastic gently exfoliating properties. 

2. OPTIPHI Classic Range - Refine Foliant (30ml) Regular price - R 861.00

Could be used as a gentle daily or weekly peel exfoliator depending on your skincare goals. I enjoy that it is a very gentle chemical exfoliant treatment that is super easy and effective to use. I see a difference in days after incorporating this product into my skincare routine. 

3. OPTIPHI Classic Range - Hydra Derm HA Masque (75ml) Regular price - R 829.00

This masque is such a goodie! Soothing and hydrating on one's skin and I believe that you have the option to sleep with this product! By doing this you save on evening product usage and you get the best results. 

4. AMANDA & JAYNE Eden Bath & Body Oil (100ml) Regular price - R 329.00

This product reminds me of a tranquil spa room and I feel immediately relaxed when I apply this body oil, my skin feels nourished - if you are one of the OG (original followers) you would know I love an oil!  


Please get in touch if you would like to book a consultation or would like more information on this OneBOX. is a GREAT one for all! 

With love



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