Skin Rejuvenation Technologies (Pty) Ltd, the creators of the award-winning skincare brand optiphi®, is an affiliate of the Southern Medical Group, a group of companies designing, manufacturing and distributing medical implants. Our products improve lives on a daily basis across the various continents they are sold in.

optiphi® evolved from the expertise applied in the fields of wound care dressings, ointments and temporary skin substitutes. It is from this thorough understanding of the skin and its ® mechanisms, that optiphi® formulates and manufactures effective and results-driven skincare. optiphi® skincare delivers:

- Highly active skincare
- Focused, effective ranges
- Dermal innovation
- Skincare for all skin types and tones
- Bespoke skin technologies

Perfected Skin Science - Our purpose at optiphi® is to understand the imbalances in the skin, in order to control them.