Floral Dry Oil Indulgence

Floral Dry Oil Indulgence

A dreamy day of strolling through a garden of fresh roses. I stop and take a deep breath in, I smell blossoms of femininity, romance, a scent is so delicate and fresh.

“Delight in its bright bouquet with floral notes of blooming magnolia, an enveloping base of white musk, plus zesty citrus top notes of grapefruit blends with lemon and Calabrian bergamot.”

Their original Huile Prodigieuse Dry Body Oil has a scent of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. With the Florale the formula and incredible ingredients were kept the same as the original with a slight adjustment with a sweet, velvety and sensual base of a floral rose scent and a pretty pink bottle. If you prefer to have choices, you are welcome to purchase both options to able to swap between the different oils depending on your mood or skin needs.

“Huile Prodigieuse Florale contains 96.9% ingredients of natural origin including the famous seven precious botanical oils featured in the original formula.

Its beautifying qualities come from the power of moisturizing tsubaki oil and camellia oils, repairing argan oil, nourishing macadamia oil, smoothing borage oil, protecting hazelnut oil and softening sweet almond oil. These wondrous ingredients from natural origin give the formula its unique dry oil texture, which leaves a silky, satin feel and absolutely no greasiness on the skin.”

Why I think this product is amazing:

This product is a dry body oil, meaning that it is fast absorbing and lightweight.

My skin feels extremely soft and there is no oily residue left on the skin.

I personally use this product more on my body, however this product is multipurpose and can be used on body, face and hair in the following way:

  • “For Face: In your hands apply a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse apply directly to the face to give nourishment and protection or mix into your moisturizer before application.
  • For body: Nourish and beautify the skin in one step by massaging into the hands, legs, arms, décolleté and shoulders.
  • For hair: Rub a few small drops between your hands and tease through either dry or wet locks before blow drying to add softness and shine. For deeper nourishment, apply for 15 minutes pre-shampoo as a conditioning hair mask.”

Great to travel with and it has multiple uses.

Pretty Pink bottle with a spray applicator making it easy to spread and apply.

I miss the product when it runs empty.

It is recommended for all skin types as it nourishes, repairs and beautifies your skin and hair.

Smells divine and can be used all year round.

It is a great mood enhancer and great pick me up.

And lastly, I am absolutely in love with this spectacular product. You won’t regret this purchase!




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