Happy New Year, 2022 is here...

Happy New Year, 2022 is here...

The New Year is a great time to introduce new healthy habits and routines to enhance your current lifestyle. I like the idea of improving on your current lifestyle by making small healthier life choices for you, your health and wellbeing.

Here are some basic skincare wellness resolution ideas for 2022:

  • Wear SPF daily.
  • Cleanse & moisturise your skin am & pm.
  • Never go to sleep with make-up on.
  • Clean your make-up brushes regularly.
  • Be gentle with your skin and avoid picking.
  • Treat yourself to a weekly at home facial.
  • Use product that you love to make your experience fun and joyful.
  • Start a ritual like lighting candles and spraying home fragrance.
  • Buy flowers on a weekly basis to brighten up your space.

When it comes to skincare treatment at home; it’s a wonderful way to practice self-love and:

  • Your skin will glow.
  • You will feel more relaxed.
  • Good way to start your day with skincare as well as body care products or ranges that you love, that just makes these habits easier to maintain.
  • You will see results.
  • You feel happy and joyful.

Pamper yourself and your skin with spa at home treatments, you will truly feel like a different person if you start incorporating these little rituals and routines that work for you. This time is also a reminder that is never to early or late to make adjustments or changes to your lifestyle and routine.

I wish the very best for you in 2022 and that all your dreams come true. Happy New Year!

With love


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