How to lessen or diminish pore size?

How to lessen or diminish pore size?

Pores are there to empty oil from your sebaceous glands. They have a noticeable opening, which is the pore that we see on our skin.

What can make pores appear more enlarged;

  • Being more prone to an oily skin type
  • Aging
  • Photo damage from the sun
  • Genetics
  • Incorrect product use
  • Smoking

When a pore fill with dead skin cells as well as sebum and oxidized a blackhead is formed. Diet, hormonal disorders and stress can also induce the sebaceous glands to overproduce oil and may lead to blackheads. I feel it’s important to clean out these blackheads on the skin to prevent the pore from stretching over time.

How to improve the appearance of enlarged pores:

  1. Wash your face twice a day, including after exercising. Use the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and concerns to ensure your skin is clean of excess oil. Products containing Salicylic acid is an excellent option to deep clean. (Avoid soap bars that strip the skin).
  2. Change out your pillowcase with a fresh clean one, weekly.
  3. Perform your weekly exfoliation routine with your appropriate exfoliator as recommended for your skin type as well as concerns.
  4. Use a clay mask or charcoal mask after exfoliation to help with tightening the skin and mopping up any excess oil.
  5. Topical retinoids, such as vitamin A is an excellent ingredient to help “build up” the collagen in the skin. This has plenty of anti-aging benefits such as improving skin texture as well as pigmentation. Used in the evening and introduced slowly into your PM skincare routine as it may cause skin flaking and sensitivity. (Not to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when you are on medication such as Roaccutane).
  6. Sunscreen is extremely important for all skins. Select an oil-free sunscreen option when you are more prone to an oily skin type. As always use every single day – come rain or shine.

I hope you found this information useful.

Love Elsie


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