How to treat your Winter Skin

How to treat your Winter Skin

Winter is coming and then suddenly, Winter skin is here.

Sitting comfortably in front of a cosy fireplace where you hear the crackling logs, snugged up in a knitted jumper wrapped up under a warm blanket with a great book in hand – this is a wonderful way to spend a cold winter's evening. When you look out the window you are quickly reminded that whilst I am sitting so comfortably and warmly inside it is in fact winter. You see the rain pouring, the blistering wind and the crispness of the air as the leaves are being blown around, reminding me that the season has in fact changed.

Each year I experience something called winter skin that I believe is very common. As the name lends the “side effects” from this change of season that our bodies experience.  

My skin is becoming red, irritated and blotchy in some areas, feels itchy as well as flaky. For me this mainly occurs on soft and delicate areas as an example the sides of my abdomen.


My Top 11 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin to aid your skin's natural moisture:

  1. It is important to change up your skincare routine each season. I always think of it as you would change up your wardrobe; you need to make some adjustments to your skincare as your facial area is still being exposed to all the elements. Winter is the perfect time to start a Vitamin A based skin regime. It is recommended to only start your Vitamin A products once your winter skin irritation had dissipated.
  1. Stay hydrated and healthy. Continue with your two liters of water a day with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable in your diet, as always, balance is the key.
  1. Use richer cleansers - cleaning oils and balms, I find them gentle and enjoy the added moisture they add whilst I cleanse. Look out for face and body products that would have this effect.
  1. Exfoliation is very important step in your skincare routine but be careful to not over exfoliate when the skin is sensitised. Exfoliation is a great way to remove dry and dead skin cells so that you can have better product penetration.
  1. When you take your bath or shower make sure your water is not too warm. Lukewarm water is recommended as best for the skin.
  1. Best way to treat dry and flaky scalp is a great treatment conditioner or a hair mask.
  1. I love facial mists as you can carry them with you anywhere and a great way to add hydration any time.
  1. Richer moisturiser – To apply face and body products straight after your bath or shower. Also recommended that you tap your skin dry vs vigorous rubbing. Use Facial oils and body oils for extra comfort and nourishment.
  1. If you suffer with capped, dry lips use a lipid-based lip balm. Apply as needed.
  1. Wear gloves when popping out of the home, to create a barrier against the cold and to help keep you warm.
  1. Sunscreen - Don’t be fooled by grey days. Sun still reflects rays; we still move around to car and to designated locations. SPF is there to protect as well as prevent premature aging and pigmentation during those times.


Take care of you and your skin this season.





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