Full, soft and moisturized lips

Full, soft and moisturized lips

While it may seem that dry, cracked lips are something more common that you know, you can have soft, supple lips all year-round. Lip balm or lip salve is a wax-like substance, applied topically to the lips to moisturize and relieve chapped or dry lips.

1. Use lip balm that are non-irritating and rather soothing on the lips.

2. Ingredients that can help heal chapped lips, dermatologists recommend ones that contain one or more of the following:
    • Petrolatum
    • Shea butter
    • Sun-protective ingredients, such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide

    3. Apply your lip balm or lip treatment several times a day including before bedtime. 

    4. Lavish on a lip balm with SPF before going outdoors and apply every 2 hours. Even in the winter, it’s important to protect your lips from the sun. The sun can burn dry, chapped lips more easily, which could trigger cold sores. Use lip balm that contains SPF.

    5. Drink plenty of water and eat water rich foods to keep your body hydrated. 

    6. Stop touching, licking, biting, and picking at your lips. When lips feel dry, it may feel natural to wet them by licking them, but this can worsen the problem. As saliva evaporates, your lips become drier.


    “This JACK BLACK Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25, enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants, soothes and relieves dry, chapped, irritated lips. Unlike waxy sticks, Intense Therapy Lip Balm quickly penetrates for instant relief. SPF 25 offers optimum sun protection while guarding against windburn and extreme temperatures.

    What's in It:

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Avobenzone: UVA absorber. Octinoxate: UVB absorber. Petrolatum: FDA-approved skin protectant. Highly effective moisturizing agent; forms a protective barrier that prevents water loss and helps repair chapped, damaged skin.

    INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter and Avocado Oil: Natural emollients which provide superior moisturization and conditioning.  Vitamin E: Known as an antioxidant superstar, this vitamin works to protect cells against free-radical damage. Green Tea: A potent antioxidant with soothing properties.

    How & When to use it? Apply generously and evenly to lips 15 minutes before going out in the sun, or whenever they feel dry or chapped.”

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    “Her lips were like the soft beauty of a delicately designer silk scarf” HOWARD GORDON



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