Let’s talk about Retinol

Let’s talk about Retinol

Retinol has wonderful skin advantages when used correctly. Retinol is a derivative and a form of Vitamin A with many skin benefits. It helps to increase cell turnover and stimulating collagen production in the skin, therefor aiding skin to be in a more youthful state by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and softening the skin. Also, by stimulating blood vessels in the skin this may aid skin colour and additional benefit of lightening as well as potentially fading age spots and pigmentation.

Its highly recommend that a consultation is booked before introducing such a product as there are precautions and some contraindications to the use of Retinol such as; pregnancy, breastfeeding, medication, regular sun exposure and allergies.

I would recommend caution if you are new to the use of Retinol products as for first time users the product may cause redness, slight sensitivity, dryness, flaky or peeling skin. Word of advice that the product should be introduced into your routine slowly and gradually, increasing the amount of applications week by week to ensure your skin is at is most comfortable. This is to be able to minimize any irritation it may cause with too high or rapid of a dose initially.

I have introduced Complexion Control from the OPTIPHI brand, an even complexion and brightening therapy:

“A skin brightening cream designed for the treatment of dark spots and uneven skin tone; brighten dull skin and fight free radical stress. Retinol, a powerful brightening agent targets age spots and pigmentation, addresses UV damage and controls oil production, mattifying the skin. The powerful blend of Vitamins C & B3 improves radiance, combats free radicals and rebuilds the skin structure.”

My preference is to use Retinol products in the cooler months. Basically, avoiding months with highest temperatures (Summer) and recommendation of daily SPF use is a must as ALWAYS.




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