Let's talk cleaning, ELEMIS Cleansing Balm that is!

Let's talk cleaning, ELEMIS Cleansing Balm that is!
I absolutely love this product from ELEMIS, I got introduced to this stunner a couple of years ago. For myself and anyone I have ever recommended this product too, they have always repurchased and continued to use this stunning product.
This product has 3 different "scent" options at the moment in South Africa; Original, Rose and Summer. They are all divine and they make it very difficult to choose one, I have tried them all and need to reorder at this moment, which one do I pick?
Why I love the Cleaning Balm so much:
  1. It kicks off a relaxing start to your skincare routine right from the first smell.
  2. It is so creamy and so very relaxing to apply, the product simply melts into the skin.
  3. Great way to remove make-up, dirt and grime off the skin and fabulous as a first cleanse. 
  4. Love using it with a warm face cloth to remove it all properly. 
  5. My skin feels comfortable and soft after removal. 
  6. At this point I cannot wait to follow with the rest of my skincare routine. 
  7. Lastly this product may double up as a treatment mask, total bonus.
I do still like to follow with a second foamy cleanser, however that is just my personal preference and not a necessity. 
Do yourself a favour and give this one a try!
wit love 

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