Oh hi 2021 – YOU have finally arrived

Oh hi 2021 – YOU have finally arrived

When I think New Year, I always think of New Year resolutions although I don’t set them as that or call them that. I find the term overwhelming. I don’t like limiting myself to only starting new routines when the New Year starts – you should be able to change and adjust these goals at any time or even start a new one at any time.

I prefer using the word GOALS. Goals need to be reachable and achievable but push you that you are able to be your best version of yourself as you should have daily, weekly and yearly goals. As certain goals take time, be realistic with your timeline.

Let’s get into my suggested SKINCARE GOALS for 2021:

  1. Make time for yourself and hold yourself accountable, it is your skin after all. There really is no such thing as I don’t have time in my option if it is important to you, you will make time. Skincare should be like brushing teeth and a non-negotiable. The best advice I can give is that you need a routine that fits into your lifestyle that you are excited to perform your homecare routine effortlessly.
  1. Don’t lose focus, what is your main skincare concerns? It is important to always come back to this when purchasing products to ensure we not buying bit and bobs all over, then you also won’t be achieving results if it is a specific concern you are treating. Rather consult with an expert.
  1. Start with the basics – you need to do the basics – cleanse and protect your skin 100% correctly otherwise the rest won’t be effective. Cleans your skin properly am & pm. Our skins can’t absorb product/products properly if there is still makeup, dirt and grime left on the skin. A correct and good quality moisturiser is important to aid hydration and moisture level of the skin and maintain it through the day and while we sleep your skin is recovering.
  1. Wear the SPF – we need to use sun protection everyday even if you are not sunbathing. Apply SPF every single day to protect your skin, keep it looking young and feeling healthy. Prevention is better than cure.
  1. Sleep, diet, exercise. What we do to our body does affect our skin and our bodies for that fact. Sleep is very important for our body’s recovery process and very necessary. I know that 8 hours is not always possible due to family obligations or insomnia to name a few, but please adjust skincare accordingly to help with your skin health. How we nourish our bodies, that is key for me. To eat for nutritional benefit vs calory and or to follow a specific “diet” try and follow a balanced healthy diet full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals assisting with your skin and body’s needs. I am a fan of prepping meals that you know everything is ready when you in need of a meal or a snack. This prevents you from eating quick meals without thinking of nourishment. Supplements is a great add on as we cannot always get all the antioxidants and minerals we need. Best is to consult a health care practitioner to know your individual body needs. I take collagen, vitamin C and vitamin B. Exercise to work our muscles and relaxes our minds. It gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins that makes you feel great.
  1. Hydration is essential for organ function and our bodies need this to function at optimal level. As everyone recommends that you drinks 2 liters of water a day as we all know the benefits. I carry a bottle with me to make sure I know how much I still need to drink, it’s a great reminder and makes it easier.
  1. Advance your skincare to achieve your results and treat problems by introducing products that contain active ingredients. Eye cream, serums, exfoliators and masks will take you regime to the level, the level you want to be on. Apart for you skin changing from products used we have environmental factors, seasonal changes, stress and medication. Keep this in mind.
  1. Consult with an expert / book a professional treatment and/or consultation. This does not replace homecare routine but rather see this as an excellent booster. Let your skincare expert perform your extractions you don’t pick at your skin. It is best to update and reassess our skin needs every couple of weeks. To make changes to your homecare as your skincare needs change.
  1. Your routine needs to be fun that you can have fun! If you enjoy your homecare experience it will be a joy to do.

I wish you all the best for 2021 full of happiness and health!




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