The season to turn a dull skin into a GLOWING one

The season to turn a dull skin into a GLOWING one

DULLNESS…This is something that occurs for me around seasonal changes. Temperatures gradually increasing and the suddenly decrease as the seasons do, two steps forward one step back. Then less rain, more wind, warmer days and back to colder days, I mean who can keep up. Jackets and coats become t-shirts, trousers slowly turn into flowy dresses, anything long sleeve disappears and move into lighter texture materials, more and more skin showing, as we work our way towards summer.

Have you ever experienced that dull look or a lack of radiance to your complexion? Your skin just looks grey, dull, lackluster… I know I strive for a bright, dewy, youthful and radiant skin and just all-over healthy-looking skin.

For me it’s important to know what you are looking at in order to help threat this concern and select the appropriate products for home use.

Going from winter to spring especially, my skin feels scaly, itchy, tight, dull and dry on my body and facial area. Renewal and moisture are the first and best way to go, these are the common causes or things you are not aware of:

1. One of the possible issues could be that you are not cleansing your skin properly or removing make up correctly.

You need to start with a clean canvas to ensure your product penetrates and they can do their work. To me this is one of the most crucial steps in your routine and should be second nature as is brushing your teeth.

Help your skin by setting up a clean complexion that the product can penetrate and do their job. This can be a cause of blogged pores, dullness, not seeing results with your skincare routine, dryness to name a few.

I enjoy double cleaning; first with an oil or cream-based cleanser and secondly with a water based foamy wash using a cleaning brush. 

It is important to rejuvenate and refresh to start the day and end your day off, cleanse we will cleanse. I do incorporate my cleansing brush with my cleansing routine as I feel it really aids with cleaning my skin properly and get the micro-circulation going.

With my AM routine I tend to only do one cleans mainly using a gel based cleanser for morning routine. PM routines I take more time and follow the full double cleanse sequence.

1st Cleanser (cream, balm, or oil cleanser): ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Rose Cleaning Balm (105g) R1050 or OPTIPHI Classic Range Pure Cleansing Wash (220ml) R690.

2nd Cleanser (gel base cleanser): I use a Cleaning Brush – the L'ABEILLE Deep Cleansing Brush R1450 with my 2nd cleanser. ELEMIS Superfood Wash (150ml) R595 or OPTIPHI Active range facial cleanser (150ml) R782 or JACK BLACK Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (177ml) R405.

2. You are not exfoliating at all or not enough. If you don’t aid the skin with shedding of dead skin cells unfortunately a build-up occurs. It becomes impossible for YOUR very carefully selected and expensive product to reach the “live” skin in order to treat it for you to achieve the results you desire. If this step is not being followed correctly you are wasting your skincare products you have invested in, instead your product is being absorbed onto an area that does not need it and that could be one of the reasons you are no seeing results and achieving your skin goals.

As a quide you could exfoliate about 2-3 time a week, but this is very much dependent on the products you selected as well as your skin type and what your skin needs are at the time. Renewal of you skin is the best way to achieve a fresh look and to aid product penetration. This is relevant for not only face but body as well, your skin is the largest organ and we tend to forget or neglect our body area.

When you remove the dead skin cells, you create a smoother looking appearance and enhance your product penetration, aiding collagen production, reducing pore size, brightens the complexion, can improve pigmentation, stimulate new cell turnover.

Facial Exfoliator: ELEMIS papaya enzyme peel (50ml) R748 or OPTIPHI Classic Range Refine Foliant (30ml) R 800 or JACK BLACK resurfacing DIY power peel pads (40pads) R810

Body Exfoliator: ELEMIS Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow (480g) R 1,030 or L'ABEILLE Vegan Body Brush R 395.

3. Harsh environment that we all get exposed to; aircon, heating, sun, wind, harsh climate and your skin gets exposed to it all, are you using product to protect and replenish? As we would change our clothing every season to adapt, you should be adapting our regime to suite this. Your skin mask is a great way to treat these various concerns. Re-hydrating sprays are a excellent option to keep on hand and travel with you that you can spritz as you need.

ELEMIS Peptide4 Pluming Pillow Facial (50ml)R1240 or OPTIPHI® Classic Range Hydra Derm HA Masque (75ml) R770 or L'ABEILLE Refining Mineral Masque (55g) R610  

ELEMIS Superfood Kefir Mist (100ml) R625 or L'ABEILLE Moisture Tonic (50ml) R450.

4. Your skin is lacking moisture. If you are prone to having a drier skin, ensure the product you are using is rich enough and heavy enough in texture to replenish to treat this concern. As you know we all suffer with dehydration daily as this can be impact by diet, fluid intake, medication, stress to name a few. One of most important things to me to start treating right away is dehydration and lack of moisture. If you are thirsty you can have drink of water, your skin needs to be treated with introducing an appropriate serum and moisturizer.

5. The clock is ticking…tick tok. We all have that same issue, we are all aging every day, hopefully learning and growing as the time ticks on. It’s important to nourish and take care of your body and I am a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle. Do some light exercise, drink your water, eat the vegetables, eat the salad and take your vitamins and supplements.

If you not sure on the correct product, I highly recommend a professional consultation. It could be very possible that you are using products in the incorrect way or incorrect products for your skin.

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6. It is possible you are not getting enough sleep and/or not managing stress. Sleep is so important to assist your body with its repair cycle and if you don’t sleep enough your body cannot recover as it needs to. Without this down-time there is no recovery time and this can make you feel tired and cause a dullness due to the skin not getting enough repair time.

It is easy to turn on a mini spa night to destress for self-care and your wellness, this for yourself is so very important. Candles incorporated with breathing techniques in a bath or shower and is a great destress and unwind before your bed routine to help with a good night’s rest.


AMANDA+JAYNE Glass Candles Collection - Night Bloom R 350, NUXE Rêve de Miel Face & Body Ultra-rich Cleansing Gel (400ml) R 390, ELEMIS De-Stress Massage Oil (100ml) R 950, JONK Handcrafted Soap: Nude - Eucalyptus & Rose Petals R 70.

I hope that this could assist with improving your skin radiance, let’s get GLOWING!




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