Welcome to OneSKIN. emporium!

Welcome to OneSKIN. emporium!

Hi Darlings, I’m Elsie, and I am a beauty-holic. It’s lovely to meet you. 

I am a qualified skincare specialist with 13 years of experience in the industry. I have a tremendous passion for the skincare industry, building relationships with clients and introducing them to their own personal skincare journeys.

I love trialling new products, experiencing the smell and texture of the various ranges which the skincare brands have launched into the market place, and most importantly seeing results that address my skincare concerns. This has enabled me to learn about various products and of best skincare practices on  distinct skin types and concerns.

I love pretty things and anything that makes me feel good, from health and wellness, to skincare, make-up, doing my hair, getting dressed up and having my nails painted.

Growing up, looking, and feeling like a lady, became part of my day-to-day lifestyle.  This “girly-girl” lifestyle and interest in skincare lead me to following my passion by studying health and skincare therapy at the Isa Carstens Academy, in Stellenbosch. 

After my studies, I started working at luxurious day spa’s where spa treatments were the main focus, whilst working on enhancing client’s homecare routines and adding tips, tricks and lifestyle advice. Building a trusting relationship was very important to me as I treat clients in the same way as I would want to be treated, in a professional non-intimidating environment. With skincare, there are so many options and it can feel overwhelming. The next step in my career took me to the corporate side of the spa industry, where training and business development formed the main part of my job description for many years. My job at upmarket, luxurious day spa’s where spa treatments were the main focus for skin and body concerns, enabled me to enhance my craft. On a daily I would interact and engage with new and regular clients, providing a complete service offering including lifestyle advice, tips and tricks, and homecare regimes, tailored for each individual client to address their skin and body concerns. 

In my spare time, I love a good, strong coffee at home or exploring Cape Town’s coffee shops. Flowers make me happy and brighten up any day. I love any flowers, but roses are my favourite. Anything pretty is pretty and I try and brighten up my space with them. 

A picture is really worth a thousand words which you can create. I absolutely love the creative space of photography and getting the “shot”, no matter how many times you have to try, it is all worth it in the end. I really enjoy being in front of the camera and creating visual content and imagery.

I believe in following a healthy and active lifestyle, mixed in with some adventure. I go for a walk almost every day and do a run here and there. I enjoy cooking and baking pretty much anything, and while I cook or bake, I enjoy a glass of wine, red to be exact. I believe we should celebrate the small things in life and have as much fun with it, cheers to today!

The next step in my career took me to the corporate side of the spa industry where I engaged with spa managers to help them enhance their offering to clients through best practice and training the skin therapists in order to provide the best possible service within the skincare industry to their own clients. Through my experience in the spa industry, I was able to give advice on various skin care techniques, and consulting and interacting with spa technicians using my own personal experiences of working with different clients on a daily basis. The industry experience I have gained has been an amazing foundation for expanding my knowledge base and growing my passion for the industry. With now almost 13 years of industry experience, I am ready for the next step in my career which has led me to open up my own online shop, called One SKIN. emporium, launching on 1 September 2020.

My belief is that you only get one skin in this lifetime, so take care of it, have fun and enjoy the spa at home experience that I will tell you about. My daily and weekly routines give me more time to focus on myself in order to rejuvenate, relax and energise my skin and provide a feeling of all over wellbeing. I love trialling a variety of products, seeing results, and experiencing the smell and texture of the products. I feel that scents and smells and at-home spa experiences enhance your lifestyle. Being comfortable with your products is such an important part of your homecare journey. I want you to fall in love with your home care routine, you should be excited to use them, smell them and feel the texture of the products.

I know we all have busy lifestyles and the beauty and skincare industry can be overwhelming. So let me guide you through your skincare journey where everybody is welcome. I am excited to go on this journey with you.

See you soon!

Love Elsie x

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  • Shalini Govender

    Congratulations on your success my friend!! Love seeing all these Beautiful Elemis Body & face products again.

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