OPTIPHI Active Range - Ageless Active Gel (30ml)

OPTIPHI Active Range - Ageless Active Gel (30ml)

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Product Description: A calming gel, recommended for skins presenting with irritation, sensitivity and redness. Hesperidin and Vitamin B3 soothe irritation in the skin and improve skin tone. Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) reduce the damage caused by environmental stressors such as UV and pollution. An antioxidant action fights against reactions that lead to premature aging. Additionally, an ideal aftershave treatment for men.

How to use: Apply 1 – 2 pumps of Ageless Active Gel to the entire face or specific areas of concern, directly after cleansing. Allow the Active Gel to penetrate completely before continuing with further product applications May be used morning and evening

Key Ingredients: Anti-Aging Calming Complex

Size: 30ml

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