OPTIPHI Classic Range - Clarity Serum (15ml)

OPTIPHI Classic Range - Clarity Serum (15ml)

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Skin Calming Regulator

Product Description: A calming and soothing spot treatment, promoting a clear and blemish free complexion. 

How to use: Apply the Clarity Serum on breakout/blemish- prone areas, using a clean cotton bud/tip. Apply on targeted areas for best results. Use day and night underneath your optiphi® moisturizer

Key Ingredients: The Time Controlled Diffusion Technology applied to the Salicylic Acid delivers a calming and healing action to the skin. Lipohydroxy Acid provides a cell-by –cell exfoliation and Syringa Vulgaris balances the over production of sebum assists in calming the skin which in turn inhibits post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Size: 15ml

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