OPTIPHI Classic Range - Refine Foliant (30ml)

OPTIPHI Classic Range - Refine Foliant (30ml)

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Smooth Radiance Exfoliator

Suitable for all skin types excluding clients on Roaccutane and Cortisone.

Product Description: A potent chemical exfoliant that effectively smooths rough skin texture. 

How to use: Dispense 1 pump for face and 2 pumps for face, neck and chest. Apply all over with clean finger tips to clean face, neck & décolleté (excluding eyelids and lips) and leave on for 5-20min. Rinse off with clean lukewarm water. This is an active chemical exfoliant treatment.

Key Ingredients: The triple advanced complex of Ascorbic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids in this 'home-peel', brightens the complexion, softens and moisturizes the skin.  This powerful exfoliating action refines rough skin, allows for better product penetration and improves skin tone.

Size: 30ml

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