AMANDA & JAYNE Home Fragrance - Ionian Dusk

AMANDA & JAYNE Home Fragrance - Ionian Dusk

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Product Description: Envelope your home with our warm and welcoming scents. Our fragrances are made with concentrated oil blends to ensure a long- lasting and fresh fragrance throughout your space. Hand poured in small batches, available in 100ml bottle content.

Ionian Dusk: is an elegant and graceful scent. Combining the rich earthy notes of Patchouli and Cedarwood that captivate all your sense. Rounded off with the subtle tartness of Bergamot. Uplift your mood with this unique floral & spicy combination.

Direction for use: Gently shake before use, then lightly spritz into the air and enjoy the beautiful scent. Do not spray directly onto curtains, rugs, linen or clothe.

Size: 100ml amber bottle with gold pump & lid.

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