ELLIPS Yellow Smooth & Shiny (Treatment Capsules) - 12 Capsule Box

ELLIPS Yellow Smooth & Shiny (Treatment Capsules) - 12 Capsule Box

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Product Description: The yellow is the lightest hair treatment in the range which is ideal for healthy or fine hair. 

Key Ingredients: Formulated to help fight frizz in fine hair, the treatment includes Aloe Vera to keep hair moisturised and protected from the sun. 

How to use: Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner. Lightly towel dry the hair. Brush hair with a wet brush or comb. Open the biodegradable capsule and spread the treatment on your palms. Evenly distribute through your hair, starting from the crown down to the ends
Once the bulk of the oil is off your hands, apply the remaining oil to the hair around the face (which tends to frizz). Leave to be absorbed for 10 minutes. Style as normal - you can blow dry or leave to dry naturally. The treatment contains heat protection so there is no need for an additional product.

Size: 12 capsule box

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