ELLIPS Silky Black Hair Mask (120g)

ELLIPS Silky Black Hair Mask (120g)

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Product Description: Ellips Hair Masks provide specialised and targeted hair care in the form of an intensive treatment that fuses natural oils with the efficiency of an advanced Pro-Keratin Complex. They deliver immediate results – hair is left feeling silky, smooth and radiant.

Key Ingredients: We have three different hair mask variations; the Shiny Black hair mask contains Aloe Vera Oil and Candlenut Oil for dark or thick hair. The black mask can also be used by all hair colours for an intense treatment.

The Silky Black Hair Mask is enriched with a Pro-Keratin Complex, Aloe Vera oil and Candlenut Oil to help healthy hair maintain a smooth and silky texture, whilst offering additional UV protection.

This is the ‘heaviest’ mask in the range, which makes it ideal for thick hair, curly hair or dark hair. That being said, it can also be used by other hair types, for example, I use this mask on my fine, blonde hair in winter when my hair is naturally more prone to dryness.

How to use: For vibrant, healthy hair use weekly and leave on for a minimum of two minutes. ellips Hair Masks can also be used daily in place of conditioner, or overnight as an intense treatment.

Wash hair with shampoo and rinse well. Apply the hair mask in place of conditioner. Leave on for a minimum of two minutes, once a week (you can leave it on overnight if your hair needs a deep treatment). Hair masks can also be used daily in place of conditioner. 

Size: 120g

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