ELLIPS Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner (45ml)

ELLIPS Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner (45ml)

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Product Description: This leave-in conditioner is suitable for use on kids, it’s the ideal way to avoid tears in the bath or to use after swimming to make sure that hair is gently detangled and remains tangle-free! 

The Milkshake is suitable for use on straight hair, curly hair and coloured hair. It helps with frizzy, dry hair and it also adds texture to fine hair so great to use when styling.

Key Ingredients: The Ellips Milkshake leave-in conditioner contains both milk and wheat protein, along with Pro-Vitamin B5, and offers a range of benefits to nourish and treat damaged hair.

How to use: Spray the milkshake onto clean, towel-dried hair. Leave to be absorbed for 10 minutes. Style as normal - you can blow dry or leave to dry naturally. The Milkshake is also great to spray onto hair before swimming as it closes the hair cuticles and reduces the amount of water (chlorine/salt) that is absorbed into the hair. The product also adds texture to fine hair and is ideal for curly hair that tends to get dry in-between washes.

Size: 45ml

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